What are consumer loans?

Surely consumer loans are not unknown to you and you have heard of them once. For example, when you go to large stores and need some capital to make a purchase. This is the case of the loans that IKEA or Carrefour offers to its clients. The consumer loan must always be linked to the […]

Credit repurchase: learn not to fall into the traps!

Carrying out a credit buy-back can involve several risks which it is better to be aware of before getting started. So that you are well informed, we present to you the major pitfalls that you may encounter when you perform a credit consolidation.   Choose the financial organization to buy back your credits First, learn […]

Short-term loans and the problem of differentiation.

At the moment, it seems to be fashionable for some bloggers and online journalists to report on short-term loans in general. Why this is up to date can only be guessed! The fact is, however, that pretty much every current article on the subject has more or less neglected the subject of correctness and objectivity. […]

What laws govern loan repurchase?

With the prospect of limiting the abuse of credit institutions and protecting applicants, the legislation has taken the lead and established various laws governing relations between the two parties. However, when it comes to the repurchase of a loan depending on the Consumer Code, there are specific laws allowing each party to be aware of […]

Online urgent loans

Urgent online loans are one of the many advantages that are possible today thanks to new technologies. And it is so because until a few years ago, the procedures for any type of money loan had to be face-to-face, enduring long waits and sometimes having to resort several times to get it. Benefits of urgent […]